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This podcast series contains lectures (and class discussion) from my PSY 201A and PSY 202A Introduction to Psychology classes at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon, USA.

It is my way of making my classroom lectures available to my students through their computers and MP3 players. I record my lectures and post them as an enhanced podcast (which means it includes the slides from my lectures). Then if they have to miss class, or want to review my lecture, they can. It is a very useful tool for students to enhance their learning experience. Students report high satisfaction with the podcasts and the iTunes distribution technology, and feel the podcasts help them understand lecture better, and report benefits for their exam scores.

If you want to experience the podcast, you'll do well to use iTunes, Apple Computer's free (and excellent) digital media player. iTunes is especially useful because you can open iTunes' "artwork and video viewer," which contains the slides of my lecture, synchronized with the audio. You can also go straight to a part of the lecture using iTunes' "Chapter" menu.

To subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, use this link. If you want to subscribe using other podcast software, then use this URL:

The podcast is recorded using an Apple, Inc. Powerbook G4, Audio Technica Pro 88W wireless microphone, an Onkyo MSE-U33HB mic preamp, and ProfCast software.

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